DC Charger Fridge Kit


Power your 12v camping fridge with a DC to DC charger pack from REDARC.

$1,791.90 USD $1,629.00 USD

Looking for an overland fridge setup for your truck or RV?  REDARC have the perfect DC-DC charger and 12v fridge kit to help you kit out your rig to keep the drinks cold and your food fresh, whether you're off the grid or just enjoying a weekend away.

No more fishing around in a cooler full of melted ice, now you can go further and stay longer with a tourers dream 12v fridge setup.

Powered by a REDARC 25amp DC charger and supplied with the fuses, fridge and fridge wiring kit, all you need is an auxiliary battery and a sense of adventure to turn your truck into a camp hero.

Running a 12v fridge off your car battery is made simple, effective and reliable using REDARC's Australian made and tested BCDC battery charger, and armed with a 38QT ARB fridge freezer, you'll have plenty of space available for meat, produce and drinks.

What's inside?


Never again will you have to cut your trip short because of melted ice in your cooler or because you couldn't pack enough to outlast your adventure. Now you can add REDARC's battery management fridge bundle to your truck, camper or RV for years worth of reliable off-grid power.