Battery Management Fridge Kit


Endless onboard power and camp fridge kit from REDARC for any truck or RV.

$3,440.80 USD $3,128.00 USD

Looking for the best way to power a camping fridge? REDARC have the perfect onboard battery management system to keep consistent power going to your overlanding fridge freezer in this all-in-one kit.

Powered by a 30amp REDARC battery management system capable of charging your auxiliary battery via your vehicle, mains power or solar, this bundle comes complete with fuses, a 63Q fridge and wiring kit to keep those drinks cold in your truck or RV. 

Featuring ARB's rugged and reliable 12v electric fridge and REDARC's award winning Manager30, you'll have everything you need for countless overlanding and off-grid trips for years to come.

What's inside?


Never again will you have to cut your trip short because of melted ice in your cooler or because you couldn't pack enough to outlast your adventure. Now you can add REDARC's battery management fridge bundle to your truck, camper or RV for years worth of reliable off-grid power.