12V 25A In-Vehicle DC Power Supply


The REDARC DPS1225 is a 12V, 25A DC Power Supply that provides regulated power for load requirements such as lamps, radios, computers, and more from a 12V automotive power system.

$408.00 USD

The REDARC DPS1225 is a 12V, 25A DC Power Supply that provides regulated power for load requirements such as lamps, radios, computers, refrigerators, TVs, and more from a 12V automotive power system.

Perfect for sensitive loads

The DC Power supply has a wide input voltage range (9-32V) and generates little electric noise, which enables the unit to power hi-tech radio systems without interference.

Robust and flexible installation option

It is fully encapsulated in REDARC’s silicone elastomer and can be externally mounted on the vehicle and used in marine applications. Users benefit from built-in surge protection and reverse polarity. Additional benefits include more efficiency with regulated output power and improved functionality.

Need help?

For help in choosing the best dual battery setup for your needs use the free REDARC dual battery selector.

California residents: see Proposition 65 information

Output Voltage 12VDC
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 25A
Input Fuse Rating 40A
Output Fuse Rating 40A
Length (in) 5.91
Width (in) 4.72
Height (in) 1.46
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (lb) 1.5

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Don't lose your volts

Increased demands are placed on our vehicles with every passing mile. Many devices related to these demands - communications equipment, computers, measurement devices and precise actuators, are quite sensitive when it comes to the power they receive from the source.

However, power is not always clean and stable. At best it can cause poor performance or at worst cause damage to these devices. In a typical heavy vehicle setup there are a few major causes of electrical noise or instability. This includes:

  • Vehicle charging and starting systems requiring the correct voltage to be applied
  • Loads like compressor fridges, radios and water pumps causing short voltage drop
  • High current consumers like engine starter motors or electric pumps causing electrical noise
  • The vehicle alternator causing electrical noise, affecting sensitive devices

This can cause lights to be more dull or bright, inconsistent radio strength, fridge efficiency and performance dropping with voltage, inaccurate measurements being taken, and actuator speed and strength can suffer. Electrical noise can also cause excessive heat and interference resulting in damage to electronic components or internal batteries and poor performance during operation particularly on radio and measurement equipment.

The solution is a REDARC DC Power Supply, which can deal with a diverse range of noise and voltage levels. Whether it is a 12 or 24 volt vehicle running a 12 or a 24 volt appliance, requiring a clean and stable specific power supply, the DPS range will provide this power in even the harshest of environments.

With a range of power ratings you can make sure your vehicles safety, communications, and critical equipment always has the power to function effectively no matter how great the distance.