Towing & Hauling

Learn to power your self-sufficiency.

Whether you’re making your way to your favorite campsite or your own little spot on the map, getting there is all about knowing your stuff and trusting in your gear. Self-reliance starts with gaining some know-how.

REDARC provides the battery chargers, isolators, power supplies and trailer brake controllers you need to go off-grid and stay there, no matter what you’re pulling or the terrain you’re pulling it through.

Get tips and tricks from the towing and hauling experts so you can be self-sufficient on the road and off the grid.

Never fear the road less travelled.

Self-reliance starts with trusting your gear. See why the pros chose REDARC.

REDARC gives you the power to haul your rig anywhere. Just ask these guys.

REDARC is trusted to haul some big rigs into some rugged places. See how the hauling and towing pros use REDARC.

Tackle adventure head on

Renowned explorers Expedition Overland know the value of quality gear to help get them to the ends of the earth and back.

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Trust your towing

Patriot Campers don't only work tough, they play even tougher. The team only use the best to get the best out of themselves and their custom builds.

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Ensure a better towing experience

The market leading, SEMA Award winning Tow-Pro Elite is outback tough and innovative to keep you on the road and in control.

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The REDARC range of brake controllers and accessories are of the highest quality, and proven to survive the toughest conditions.

But all great journeys, start with a destination. Discover the best overland destinations in America to start planning your trip, or take a look at some of the most iconic routes around the USA.

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