Tow-Pro Liberty | Confidence for the long haul

Are your customers looking for the latest innovation in brake controller technology? Look no further than the REDARC Tow-Pro Liberty. It is the perfect choice for every day hauling for your customers and is an easy to install, factory looking brake controller you’ll love.


Tow-Pro Liberty 

Perfect factory look and no more knee-knocking

Designed, manufactured and tested in Australia, the Tow-Pro Liberty is the perfect proportional brake controller for any tow vehicle with a factory look and feel. It will look like it always belonged on your customers dash.

This proportional brake controller measures the vehicle braking force and applies the trailer brakes to match, ensuring a smooth braking application and no push or pull on the vehicle when braking.

Rugged reliability meets everyday ease-of-use

Not only does the Tow-Pro Liberty feature the latest brake controller technology on the market, it has also been specifically designed for ease of use for daily towing or long journeys. Its rugged reliability is unlike any brake controller you've seen before.

Fast and easy installation

Designed specifically for an easy install, the Tow-Pro Liberty features a 3-axis accelerometer that allows you to install the main unit in any position or orientation. The REDARC range of plug & play vehicle-specific wiring harnesses and switch inserts allow a quick and easy installation on major vehicle makes and models.

 Tow-Pro Liberty by REDARC

Suitable for 12-volt systems, the Tow-Pro Liberty from REDARC self-calibrates for easy setup and install, and is compatible with both electric and electric-over-hydraulic brakes.

REDARC now offers a full range of electric trailer brake controllers

REDARC’s award winning brake controller, the Tow-Pro Elite is the ultimate electric trailer brake controller in terms of versatility, performance and market-leading features.




With two braking modes, proportional for everyday towing, and user-controlled for more difficult towing conditions (all-terrain, snow, mud, dirt, sand etc.) the Tow-Pro Elite is the ultimate solution for any terrain and any weather.



To find out more about the REDARC range of electric brake controllers, speak with your regional distributor or contact REDARC directly.

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