Overlanding and off-grid camping

Learn how to get out and stay out.

There’s nothing more liberating than roaming the unknown — the places where roads aren’t actually roads, and the horizon has no end. To go off the grid, you’ve got to be on your game. You have to be prepared for every possibility, and your gear can’t let you down.

REDARC is here to power your adventure, from coast to coast, no matter what lies between, with rugged, Outback-tested battery chargers, isolators and more to power your next escape. Get the information you need on how to rig up and load out to be fully prepared for off-grid life.

What is overlanding and how can you get started?

The overlanding lifestyle is one that speaks to so many people, from those with no experience to those who have been escaping the norm for years on end. Overlanding and off-grid travel marries a sense of freedom with being part of a community of like minded people.

There's more to it than meets the eye. From a mindset to travel planning right down to the gear that can help get you there and back.

What is overlanding?

Experienced and passionate overlanding experts Scott and Matt Brady discuss the history of the term "overland", and how to properly define it within the context of experience.

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Power for camping

Expedition Overland's Clay Croft speaks from his personal experience over the past 9 years about the power systems he has used along the way!

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Basics of 12V batteries

4WD Action Australia's Shaun Whale walks through the basics of 12v battery setups for any knowledge level or vehicle type.

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# Learn how to get out and stay out.


REDARC are proven in the toughest places on earth. Don’t believe us? Just ask these guys.

The Outback is our proving ground. Learn how the pros use REDARC to push themselves farther off the beaten path.

The harshest places on earth are no match for REDARC. Learn why REDARC is the experts choice in powering their adventures.

But overlanding is so much more than just a movement. And REDARC are here to help.

Discover the best overland destinations around America.

Take a look inside Expedition Overland's iconic Jeep Gladiator build.

Or learn how to power an offroad expedition to South America.