The Experts Choice



As part of REDARC’s continual push for product innovation and customer satisfaction, we recognized that the best way to improve and grow was to partner with the most respected experts the industry has to offer.

With a wealth of 4x4, trailer, camping, travel and overlanding experts out there the only way to test our products and understand the needs of our customers was to collaborate with those who truly live and breathe the lifestyle.

Each expert we align with carries with them their own unique experience, skillset and passion. And REDARC is proud of these long standing and valued relationships as we work together to help power the dreams of overlanding audiences, helping guide and inspire them to get out on the road and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Expedition Overland


REDARC Electronics are proud to be sponsoring Expedition Overland (XO), a reality based web series that documents the adventures of an experienced group of overlanders, who along with their outfitted vehicles travel through some of the most remote places of the world.


Primarily travelling through North and South America, XO take their beautifully crafted, and highly acclaimed show through some of the toughest and most extreme terrains imaginable.

The vehicles, and equipment XO trust to install and pack on-board, must be proven and reliable to help keep them on all four wheels and powered up for days, even weeks on end.

REDARC are excited to partner with Clay Croft and the crew at Expedition Overland as we launch into the North American market, with the installation of a variety of our products including the award-winning Tow-Pro Elite electric trailer brake controller and BCDC range of DC to DC charging in-vehicle battery chargers into the XO fleet of vehicles.

To stay up to date with all the latest from the Expedition Overland team visit their website or follow their adventures on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


All 4 Adventure | Jase Andrews


All 4 Adventure is one of Australia’s most popular and exciting 4wd shows, and Jase Andrews has been showcasing how REDARC products have helped him tackle the terrain and experience the best of what Australia has to offer. 

Jase continues to push the boundaries to ensure All 4 Adventure is one of the most recognisable and entertaining 4X4, fishing and adventure shows on Australian television.



Having been conquering the country his whole life, Jase Andrews knows exactly how to navigate, survive and make the most of any situation or environment. His expert knowledge is trusted both locally and internationally and REDARC have been proud to work alongside Jase and his extended team since series 7 of All 4 Adventure and are excited to continue our partnership into the future.


Keep up to date with Jase and his team on FacebookInstagramYouTube or the official All 4 Adventure website.


4WD Action | Shaun Whale


Shaun Whale has been with the 4WD Action team for over 10 years now, first as a journalist, then editor and now a highly respected presenter. There’s nothing he hasn’t seen or tackled on or off road in Australia before.

Whether it’s hitting the Cape or taking on the Simpson, Shaun Whale and his trusty Dirty 30 or customised 79 Series have been there and done it.

Shaun spends anywhere up to 8 months of the year on the road alongside fellow 4WD Action guru Graham Cahill, filming the action-packed 4WD Action DVD series.

REDARC is proud to work alongside Shaun and help power his adventures as he and his team continue to push the limits and go further and farther than most people can only dream of.



Keep up to date with Shaun and his team on FacebookYouTube or the official Australian 4WD Action website.


Patriot Games | Justin Montesalvo


Is there anything the guys at Patriot Campers can’t do? This Queensland based juggernaut have captured the hearts of not only Australian audiences but people from all across the world thanks to their innovative and rugged products, not to mention their insatiable thirst for pushing the limits of what people thought possible on two, four, six and eight wheels.

Patriot Campers is built in the image of its passionate, driven and dedicated owner, Justin Montesalvo, and shares many of the same foundations and principles that REDARC holds dear. Striving to innovate, creating a family focused culture and putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

With the launch of their incredibly popular tv series, Patriot Games, the team at Patriot Campers have a loyal and passionate fan base and in partnership with REDARC show no signs of slowing down.



Keep up to date with Justin and his team on FacebookInstagramYouTube or the official Patriot Campers website.