Who is Drew Martin?

Drew is a southern California native who grew up exploring the coast, surfing, and eventually became obsessed with finding the West's nooks and crannies that nobody knows about. Home is both Huntington Beach, CA and a small fishing town south of San Felipe, Baja California BCN.

How did you start?

I got into photography as a way out of working full time. After 10 years running a surf shop, I realized working full time for someone else wasn't what I was meant to do. I needed more free time, and I needed to be outside as much as possible... beyond surfing. During slow times at the surf shop, I learned how to use a camera online. I first started shooting surf as that's what I knew best. That turned into outdoors, trucks, exploration, and camping. Here we are!

Tell us about your rig.

I bought my Toyota Tundra because I just needed a very reliable truck after 5 years with an absolute lemon. I knew Toyota was the answer, and I needed full size, so that left one option... the Tundra. We spend a ton of time exploring Baja, and I also knew I needed something that would last. I've got basic suspension upgrades and leaf packs, nothing fancy, just hard-working gear. Bilstein 6112 up front, 5160 rear with Deaver leaf pack for 1,000 pounds or so to hold our Tradesman cabover camper shell I've built out in a basic way, and all our gear. I've got some upper control arms that aren't stock as well. I run BFG KO2's and Method wheels for now, and they've been tough as nails. C4 bumpers on front and rear keep me feeling safe should I hit something alive or inanimate. Most importantly, in the camper I built a little battery box to hold my 100ah lithium battery and the REDARC Manager30 that powers my Dometic fridge. That's what keeps us off the grid for longer.

What has been your favorite trip so far?

Any trip with my family in Baja is my favorite trip. We spent a month between end of December and end of January down there at our place and bounced around between surfing, camping and exploring places we love.

What are the top 3 things you can’t go on the road without?

Three things I can't go on the road without are: good vibes, an open mind, and trustworthy company. The rest will fall into place regardless of what gear you have.

What REDARC products do you have on-board and how they made travel easier for you?

I currently run the REDARC Manager30 in my camper, and I can say properly charges, maintains, and runs my battery for the fridge. I will never again not have this unit or any new version of it in any camper situation I have in the future. We can keep our fridge running for 3-4 days using this battery / Manager30 setup, and when we use solar to add juice, it'll go as long as we're parked.

What’s next for Drew Martin?

Next up, I've got some fun shoots and trips coming up. One I'm really looking forward to is a motorcycle camp pack trip through Baja for 8 days with some of my favorite humans. Any more modifications to the truck will most likely be maintenance. I love the truck to just look like a basic camper and not bring any extra attention.

What would be your advice for someone wanting to get into the adventure lifestyle?

For anyone looking to get into some sort of adventure lifestyle, just figure out what you love, and do it. Make time for it, make it happen, and enjoy the outdoors. Most importantly, please live and preach "leave it better than you found it," as tons of newbies are proving to be problematic with their toilet paper and doodoos. No chill.