Australian Made


Always have been and always will be Australian made and Australian owned


We celebrated our 40th Anniversary in 2019, and in 2020 REDARC will continue to be an icon of Australian manufacturing and Australian Made products.

REDARC has partnered with the nation’s official Australian Made Campaign and adopted the iconic ‘Australian Made’ logo on all our certifiably made products.

REDARC will continue to excel as a manufacturer in Australia. For 40 years REDARC have been researching, designing, developing and manufacturing a range of electronic voltage converters, power supplies, battery chargers, brake controllers and trailer braking products in Adelaide, South Australia.

With a growing portfolio, the time is right to bring more attention than ever to our Australian made products and we are proud to wear Australian colours as we continue to service the North American market.



Investment and innovation


Four decades is a significant milestone for any business in this global economy and the story of REDARC celebrates success and how through resilience and persistence the company has been able to grow, prosper and succeed in an ever-changing market.

In 2002 we set up REDARC Technologies, an R&D business in which we invest 15% of revenue to foster constant innovation, and production of market-leading products and solutions.

REDARC’s commitment to quality Australian manufacturing includes investing both in our facility and in growing our skilled workforce. In 1997, REDARC operated from a humble shed with 8 employees and now in the wake of our $22m facility expansion (2018), REDARC employs around 200 staff. 

This investment not only ensures that we will continue to deliver a high volume of Australian made, premium quality products, it also prepares REDARC for growth.


Australian Made and tested in the world’s harshest conditions




We are committed to doing things right the first time. To ensure that quality remains REDARC’s hallmark, our products are built and tested under the world’s harshest conditions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing capability coupled with continuous improvement processes, mean that REDARC products benefit from an ever-increasing level of durability. This, of course leads to greater customer satisfaction.


Australian customer service


We are committed to our customers in not only giving them high quality products, but also providing them with an unmatched level of customer service.

REDARC has always believed in the philosophy ‘Customer is King’, as well as a ‘no questions asked’, hassle-free warranty replacement which has been implemented effectively. The customer service team is based on-site at our South Australian facility. At the cost of a local call customers from Canada, United States and Mexico can receive qualified and professional technical advice over the phone. Customers can also receive assistance via email.


For more information about REDARC and other Australian made companies, visit the Australian Made Campaign website.


 REDARC Australian Made CertificationManaging Director REDARC Group, Anthony Kittel with Chief Executive Officer, Ben Lazzaro and Sales Manager, Astrid Wemyss-Smith from the Australian Made Campaign Ltd