Value Bundles and Kits

Want to buy a ready made onboard power management system for your truck, RV or overland vehicle? REDARC have a range of product bundles and value packs to suit any budget, vehicle or travel destination.

Go off-grid or remote tour with a complete 12v system or dual battery setup by the experts in overlanding power.

XO Dual Battery Kit

XO Dual Battery Kit


Getting started? REDARC's Dc Charger and solar kit is perfect.
$1,730.30 USD $1,573.00 USD
Remote Tourer Battery Charger Kit

Remote Tourer Battery ...


Ready for a remote adventure? REDARC's battery management and solar kit is perfect.
$2,880.90 USD $2,619.00 USD
Ultimate Off-Grid Power Kit

Ultimate Off-Grid Powe...


Turn your truck or RV into the ultimate off-grid tourer with REDARC's power kit.
$3,561.80 USD $3,238.00 USD
DC Charger Fridge Kit

DC Charger Fridge Kit


Power your 12v camping fridge with a DC to DC charger pack from REDARC.
$1,791.90 USD $1,629.00 USD
Battery Management Fridge Kit

Battery Management Fri...


Endless onboard power and camp fridge kit from REDARC for any truck or RV.
$3,440.80 USD $3,128.00 USD
Vehicle Management Fridge Kit

Vehicle Management Fri...


The perfect overlanding fridge and off-grid power kit from REDARC.
$4,122.80 USD $3,748.00 USD
Weekend Escape Battery Charger Kit

Weekend Escape Battery...


REDARC's weekend escape battery charging kit has everything you need for an overlanding adventure...
$903.00 USD
Off-Grid Battery Charger Kit

Off-Grid Battery Charg...


REDARC’s off-grid battery charging kit features market leading DC charging for onboard power, per...
$968.00 USD
Dual battery winch kit

Dual battery winch kit


This dual battery system can help power your winch when on the tracks or 4x4ing.
$831.00 USD
Dual battery jump starter kit

Dual battery jump star...


Looking for a dual battery system that allows you to jump start your vehicle in the event of batt...
$767.00 USD