Tow-Pro Range

For the latest innovation in electric trailer brake controller technology it has to be REDARC Electronics. 

No more clumsy brake controller unit installed right by your knee, the REDARC Tow-Pro range of brake controllers offer discreet dash mounted dial's giving them that perfect factory look while offering unparalleled access and convenience to the unit when you need it most.

Customizable braking options

The SEMA award-winning Tow-Pro Elite offer two types of braking modes, ‘Proportional’ for highway conditions and ‘User-Controlled’, for off-road towing – all at the turn of a dial.

The Tow-Pro Classic offers a single mode of braking, ‘User-Controlled’ and provides total control of your trailer braking level at all times.

Trust the power of REDARC

REDARC is a leading manufacturer of electronic-based products, including brake controllers and trailer braking products. No matter your vehicle make, model or where you are wanting to travel, REDARC have an electric brake controller to see you get there and back safely.

Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller

Tow-Pro Elite Electric...


The award-winning Tow-Pro Elite is suitable for both 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles and is the only...
$202.10 USD
Tow-Pro Classic Electric Brake Controller

Tow-Pro Classic Electr...


The Tow-Pro Classic Electric Trailer Brake Controller sets the bar for safe braking on trailers, ...
$162.01 USD
Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller - Remote Head

Tow-Pro Elite Electric...


The Tow-Pro Elite Electric Trailer Brake Controller Remote Head allows for convenient installatio...
$47.27 USD