Battery Management Systems

Level up your dual battery system with a REDARC battery management system (BMS). Compact in size and designed with installation in mind, a vehicle battery monitoring system will take your adventure a step further.

The Manager30 is the battery management system that knows how to put you in charge. The Manager30 is a state of the art battery management unit designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries by incorporating AC, DC and solar inputs. It is ideal for recreational vehicles, caravans and camper trailers  with multiple battery banks. With a MPPT solar regulator, battery isolator, remote battery monitor and more, it operates like six products in one. Plus, this REDARC battery system works with lead acid batteries, gel, calcium, AGM and lithium ion batteries - providing a complete battery charging and maintenance solution.

Go further with a REDARC battery control system

Want control at your fingertips? When you pair a REDARC battery management system with our vehicle management system, you can get instant feedback on your auxiliary battery and electrical system. Not to mention, you can switch your lights, TV, fridge and other appliances on/off from a single place. Going off grid couldn’t be easier.

Create an unparalleled DC power management system with REDARC. Shop dual battery isolators, battery management systems, DC to DC chargers and more online. Enjoy free shipping in the contiguous US and peace of mind while travelling around North America.

The Manager30

The Manager30


The REDARC Manager30 is a 30A state-of-the-art battery management system designed to charge and m...
$1,379.00 USD
RedVision Manager30 Kit

RedVision Manager30 Kit


REDARC’s TVMSKIT05 features the award winning Redvision TVMS and iconic Manager30 BMS to help cha...
$2,325.00 USD
The Manager30 with color display screen

The Manager30 with col...


The REDARC Manager30 BMS1230S3R-NA features color display and bluetooth connectivity and is a 30A...
$1,637.00 USD
Remote Tourer Battery Charger Kit

Remote Tourer Battery ...


Ready for a remote adventure? REDARC's battery management and solar kit is perfect.
$2,880.90 USD $2,619.00 USD
Manager30 Remote Monitor

Manager30 Remote Monitor


The BMS1230S2-RK can be used as a replacement or secondary display unit for the Manager30
$165.00 USD
Manager30 Battery Sensor Assembly

Manager30 Battery Sens...


BMS1230S3-SK is a replacement battery sensor assembly for the Manager30 S3 and Manager30 S2.
$135.00 USD