12v Fridge Freezer

Say goodbye to melted ice in your cooler and cutting trips short because you can't pack enough groceries or drinks. Discover the best range of portable 12v fridge freezers and a host of battery charger kits that will help you make the most out of your camp cooking or overlanding adventure.

The best way to power a camping fridge is with a dual battery setup, using REDARC's Australian made, outback proven DC charging technology and market leading fridges from ARB.

38Q 12v Portable Fridge Freezer

38Q 12v Portable Fridg...


38Qt camp fridge freezer perfect for a weekend getaway or extended holiday off the grid.
$1,222.00 USD
63Q 12v Portable Fridge Freezer

63Q 12v Portable Fridg...


Weatherproof and element proof 63Qt 12v fridge perfect for overlanding and camping.
$1,649.00 USD
DC Charger Fridge Kit

DC Charger Fridge Kit


Power your 12v camping fridge with a DC to DC charger pack from REDARC.
$1,791.90 USD $1,629.00 USD
Battery Management Fridge Kit

Battery Management Fri...


Endless onboard power and camp fridge kit from REDARC for any truck or RV.
$3,440.80 USD $3,128.00 USD
Vehicle Management Fridge Kit

Vehicle Management Fri...


The perfect overlanding fridge and off-grid power kit from REDARC.
$4,122.80 USD $3,748.00 USD
12v Portable Fridge Wiring Kit

12v Portable Fridge Wi...


Easily wire your 12v camping fridge freezer with this ARB wiring kit.
$55.00 USD
ARB ZERO 38Q Portable Fridge Tie-Down Kit

ARB ZERO 38Q Portable ...


Robust tie-down system for ARB ZERO range of 12v fridge freezers.
$36.00 USD
ARB Elements Portable Fridge Tie-Down Kit

ARB Elements Portable ...


Safely secure your ARB Elements fridge freezer with this rugged and robust tie down system.
$48.00 USD