May 12, 2020

Battery maintenance tips when your truck is stuck in storage

The impact of the COVID-19 virus has affected each one of us, with these unprecedented times bringing challenges to families, communities, and businesses. For now, most RV sites and national parks have been temporarily closed meaning our trucks, camper trailers and rv's have been locked up. 

The good news is that things will return to normal at some point and when they do you can be rest assured that we will all be itching to get out and explore our great outdoors once again.


overlanding battery management system


So, what can you do to ensure that when restrictions are lifted you are able to get up and go? It all begins with proper off grid battery maintenance. 

REDARC offers several products designed to help keep batteries charged when you're on the move, like our smart battery isolators and dc to dc dual battery chargers, but there's one perfect option which will ensure a correct and safe charge of your recreational vehicle’s battery whilst they are in storage so you can get stuck into some camping as soon as you’re able.


The all in one car battery management system


The Manager30 is the best battery management system designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries by incorporating AC, DC and solar inputs, ideal for recreational vehicles, caravans, and camper trailers with multiple battery banks.


battery management system automotive 


During this time when our trucks and vans are dormant, it is advisable to use the storage mode feature. This feature is designed to charge the house battery to its optimal level while your overland vehicle is in storage.

When in storage mode the Manager30 does not cycle once charging is complete. It will constantly monitor the battery and provide a maintenance charge for your 12v car battery when the battery drops below a predetermined threshold ensuring the battery always stays charged. This means when restrictions are lifted your battery will be in tip top shape and ready to go! 

The added benefit of the Manager30 is that it can also be used when you are at powered sites to fully charge your batteries via 110V. This is perfect for when you haven’t seen adequate sun or run the vehicle long enough during your trek to put enough charge back into your batteries during the day.


off grid battery bank charger


While you might not be able to get excited about upcoming trips just yet, with a bit of forward planning and some TLC for those dual battery setups and expensive auxiliary batteries, you can rest assured that when you’re free to hit the road again, REDARC will be there to help get you there and back safe and sound.


Looking to starting charging a dual battery system or upgrading your 12v electrical setup in your truck? Take the REDARC virtual tour to find out what products are best suited for your off-grid adventure.  


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