Feb 07, 2019

Six things I wish I knew before towing

It’s a daunting experience towing something along, especially if you’re a beginner and even the most experienced people still have their moments.

Mike from Adventure Curated tells us the six things he wished he knew before he started towing.


Reducing Tire Pressures


  1. Tire pressures matter. Lots. When off-road, especially in soft sand and mud, trailers can act somewhat like anchors. If the wheels aren’t driven, and if the tires are firm the trailer can really sink. Just like with your 4WD you’ll definitely be less likely to get stuck if you air down your trailer tires too.


  1. On corrugations, shock absorbers (or leaf springs) do some of the work but dropping tire pressures will help absorb shock too. It will increase the lifespan of your camper/caravan and its components, and it will help to stop everything packed inside it being rattled to pieces.



Watching your weight


  1. With all that extra space it’s easy to load up, but the extra weight can easily restrict the remote places that you can visit. On more challenging trips it’s worth considering leaving some luxuries at home to reduce weight and make travel more effortless.



Reversing is not as scary as you think


  1. Reversing is actually pretty easy. If you're starting out I’d go someplace quiet, alone, and practice. Drive slowly, use small corrections, and trust the mirrors and you’ll have it mastered in no time. It’s worth practising a few simulated manoeuvres like track turnarounds or swinging a caravan into a busy caravan park bay.


Check your connections


  1. Double check your trailer connections regularly - hitches are often left without being locked in, hand brakes can be left on, jockey wheels are regularly left half stowed, and plugs with the wiring to control brakes and lights can become loose.


  1. Trailers need servicing too. While loose wheel nuts, worn bearings or threadbare brake pads may put you off the road, leaking water tanks and dead batteries can really put a dampener on your holiday.



Your brake controller is not set-and-forget


Contrary to popular belief, your electric brake controller is not a set-and-forget system. Even in Proportional mode you still need to adjust it every time you load the caravan or trailer. This way you will ensure your vehicle and trailer will pull-up evenly and smoothly. 



Not to mention, it also helps in emergency braking situations so it’s important the brakes are adjusted so you get the best stopping distance every time.

So, there you have it. Make sure that before you tow you have these tips in mind and you will become a pro in no time.

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  • I would not recommend anyone airing down unless they have a good pump to air them back up before they go over 30 miles per hour. Also expect that if you turn sharply with an aired down trailer tire you have a very good chance of rolling it off the rim and ruining the tire

    Sheldob on

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