Nov 30, 2016

REDARC Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller Reviewed

Alan and Pam from recently returned from a trip in which they towed their caravan through some of Australia’s most demanding tourist roads. Prior to their departure, they installed our electric trailer brake controller and found that it took the hassle out of driving that normally is caused by towing.



In their review of the Tow-Pro Elite Alan and Pam were impressed with the reliability of the electric trailer brake controller and said, “The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite had no such problems handling our rig offering smooth caravan response without any harsh, unexpected feedback.”

They were equally impressed with how the Tow-Pro Elite handled a variety of different road terrains saying, “Having towed now for some time using REDARC Tow-Pro Elite in a variety of traffic conditions on the Gold Coast, city driving in Brisbane, the Hinterlands, Eumundi and Gympie, the Sunshine coast with all their roundabouts and more, we are extremely happy with the Tow-Pro Elite performance and ease of operations.”

After using another trailer brake controller on their previous trip Alan and Pam were rapt with how the Tow-Pro Elite handled compared to the previous controller saying, “All in all, we found The Tow-Pro Elite to be a superior unit to the competitor product previously installed on our vehicle. The addition of proportional mode takes some of the hassle out of driving day to day, and the ability to manually operate trailer brakes on the fly instills confidence when towing conditions change.” is Australia number 1 destination for freedom seeking-road travellers in Australia: Read the full review at:

This has been republished with permission from Alan.

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