Aug 24, 2020

Liberty vs. Elite - A Tow-Pro Comparison

Over the years, electric trailer brake controllers have evolved from clunky boxes mounted in the perfect place to knock your knee on, to smart, sleek  systems, hidden away under the dash. Now, REDARC are excited to announce the release of the next generation of their award-winning electric trailer brake controller, the Tow-Pro Liberty.

Not only has the look evolved but so has the technology, and with this new model comes the question; which brake controller is for me? With two different models available, the Tow-Pro Liberty and the Tow-Pro Elite, deciding on the model that perfectly suits your applications can be difficult but we’re here to ‘brake’ it down for you.


driving across country with the Tow-Pro


When driving in most states and provinces an electric trailer brake controller is legally required if you’re towing 3000 pounds or more. This means that if you’re looking to haul or tow your boat, camper trailer, car trailer, or even livestock trailer you’re probably going to need an electric trailer brake controller.


Why choose Tow-Pro?


Both the Tow-Pro Elite and the Tow-Pro Liberty share some features that are hallmarks of the range. Designed to reduce the safety concerns around traditional knee-knockers, both models hide the main unit away under the dash. This means that there is less intrusion on driver leg space and less potential interference with lower airbags in newer vehicles.

REDARC’s innovative trailer braking technology has been utilized in both models with the ‘Active Calibration’ feature. This means that once fitted to a vehicle, the unit will actively calibrate itself, even if a trailer is not attached. This will save you time before your next trip.  Both models are also compatible with electric and electric-over-hydraulic brakes.

Easy installation is another key feature of both the Tow-Pro Elite and the Tow-Pro Liberty. The compact remote head can be installed anywhere on the dash, with the main module – the brains of the system – mounted under the dash. This means a sleek factory look without any knee-knocking.


tow-pro hidden away in the dash


Both units also feature a 3-axis accelerometer, meaning they can measure acceleration in any direction, thus be mounted at any angle or orientation, making installation faster and easier. With several vehicle specific Plug & Play accessories for both the Tow- Pro Elite and the Tow-Pro Liberty, such as switch inserts and wiring harnesses, installation on most vehicles is as simple as possible.

The Tow-Pro range also features a manual override function via the remote control knob. This allows you to rectify trailer sway quickly and safely, with the tap of a button in case of an emergency. It means that you’ll never put your vehicle, trailer, or family at risk.

REDARC products undergo extensive testing, so you can tow with confidence, knowing your gear will endure some of the harshest conditions on the planet.



Why the Tow-Pro Liberty?


Designed for reliable highway performance, the Tow-Pro Liberty is the easy-to-use brake controller that is a game changer for everyday towing. Compatible with all 12V, 1 or 2 axle trailers, it’s perfect for any highway towing application.

The Tow-Pro Liberty is a no fuss unit. With one mode of braking it’s perfect for anyone who wants a reliable trailer brake controller. Using proportional braking, the Tow-Pro Liberty measures the braking force and applies the trailer brakes to match. This ensures a smooth braking application and no push or pull on the vehicle.


tow-pro liberty


The Tow-Pro Liberty is the best value-for-money brake controller on the market: it offers all the benefits of REDARC’s market leading brake controller range at a great price. The perfect unit for everyday hauling.


The benefits of the Tow-Pro Elite


If getting onto more rugged terrain is your day-to-day, then the Tow-Pro Elite is the way to go. The all-weather, all-terrain electric brake controller will take you wherever you want to go. Suitable for both 12- and 24-volt vehicles it offers two types of braking in one unit.

While the Tow-Pro Elite also uses proportional braking for easy highway use, it also features a User-Controlled mode which can be selected and controlled by the remote knob. This mode is best for out-of-the-ordinary situations such as icy or snowy weather, driving off-road in sand or mud, up or down steep slopes or wherever the ultimate level control is required. The User-controlled mode lets you, the driver, set the braking force.

The Tow-Pro Elite is a premium brake controller, for when you need absolute control, and is well worth the investment as the rugged design and innovative technology means there is truly no limit to where you can go.


Tow-Pro comparison specs


Whether you’re after an easy-to-use everyday electric trailer brake controller or something that allows you to push the limits of where you can tow, the Tow-Pro range has you covered.

For more information visit our Tow-Pro page or contact us to speak with one of our Tech Experts. 

To see just how easy the Tow-Pro range is to install, check out this video from Patriot Campers and the Tow-Pro Elite install.


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