Nov 25, 2021

Getting to know Jason Groom

With the REDARC team working hard on the ground in the US, we had a chat to our North American Sales Director Jason Groom to learn a little bit more about him, so you can get to know one of the people representing REDARC in the US. 


REDARC's US team at SEMA 2021

Pictured L to R: Jason Groom, Erich Ross and Ryan Thurston.


What is your working background/what were you doing before you joined REDARC?


I spent over 20 years in the automotive aftermarket, with most of it selling for manufacturing companies – performance, HD, aftermarket replacement. I started as an auto parts store manager with an ASE parts certification.


Talk us through what an average day at REDARC consists of?


Ripping my hair out and crying! Just joking, day to day is spent dealing with customer housekeeping, updating customers on REDARC happenings, prospecting, producing sales programs, managing the US Team and working Australian programs into the US.


The REDARC Toyota Tacoma ready to hit the trails.


What is the best thing about working at REDARC?


The products are second to none. It’s nice not to be selling all Chinese manufactured, cost sensitive parts. The team is also second to none.


What is your favourite REDARC product and why?


Don’t have a favourite product. I like the freedom we supply. As I write this, I have an office setup at the beach, with all the power I need to work effectively and even have lunch.


The REDARC Tacoma setup and ready to camp


What is your dream rig? And what gadgets would you put in it?


My dream rig is a Gulfstream jet. I love planes and would like to get a pilot’s license one day.


Tells us about your REDARC Tacoma, what products do you have and why are they important?


The US Tacoma’s have been a love/hate endeavour. With us being the first to try the Mits-Alloy canopies, we are working hard fine tune the build. But, to answer your question, the 12v fridge is the best feature – cold water at shows, and no more wet sandwiches.


When you’re out meeting people on the road and they ask “What REDARC product do I need?” what do you tell them?


Varies from person to person, but most could use a BCDC1225D battery charger and a solar panel to find happiness off-grid.


BCDC1225D in vehicle battery charger


What is your favourite travel destination?


Haven’t really travelled much – not much time for vacationing. I love beaches and the ocean – so wherever the water and weather are not too hot or too cold, and we have waves to surf or clear water to scuba dive. I love dirt bikes and the desert too. So, there is no favourite.


If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be and why?


Doreen, my better half, my son Cody, my son Even and my mom. Family is everything – fame is overrated.


Do you follow any sports, if so what is your favourite team?


I play and love hockey – go Ducks!


Favourite music to listen to when on the road?


Heavy metal when I want to feel alive. Soft rock when it’s time to chill.

Keep an eye out for Jason and his REDARC Tacoma out and about around the states. To learn more about one of our other US team members, check out getting to know Erich RossTo get in touch with the REDARC team visit the contact page. Or learn more about what products are best for your next off-grid power setup using our lifestyle selector tool.


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