Mar 25, 2018

Adventure Curated put the Tow-Pro Elite to the ultimate test

The team from Adventure Curated are advocates for environmentally conscious adventure, and their travels have taken them to places not only around Australia but also to remote and exotic locations from Mongolia to Nepal and beyond.

Setting off to Dirk Hartog Island, off the West Coast of Western Australia, they were accompanied on their journey with a fully loaded camper equipped with 100 litres of water, 20 litres of diesel supplies and plenty of camping gear.



Remote touring


Due to the rather remote location that Mike was headed to, he needed a rugged camper that would be able to handle all types of terrain.  And to best serve his needs he knew that an electric brake controller was also needed. “Connecting a trailer can dramatically alter the performance of our vehicles, being able to stop safely is critical,” said Mike. And as a result, he had the award-winning Tow-Pro Elite’s installed to prepare him for the journey ahead.

The feature of the Tow-Pro Elite Mike found most useful was being able to choose between the two operational modes; proportional and user-controlled. Proportional (Inertia sensing) being more suited for highway conditions, provided the appropriate setting to allow the vehicle and trailer brakes to operate together in harmony. For Mike, proportional mode resulted in “much smoother braking, with the work spread across the available brakes.”


Taking things into his own hands


The user-controller mode, better suited to going off-road, was more useful to Mike when on Dirk Hartog Island itself. With user-controlled mode, the trailer brakes responded to match the set level stipulated on the control knob.

The unique and discreet installation of the Tow-Pro also proved to be a winning attribute for Mike, as he noted that “the build quality of the Tow-Pro Elite is exceptional. It’s telling when the ‘hidden bits’ of a product (in this case the wiring loom and head controller) are robust and neat.”



Superb performance 


In summary, the Tow-Pro Elite performed exceptionally throughout the journey, with the two modes of braking proving to be a winner on both the highway and off-road.  Mike had some glowing words to summarise his experience with the electric brake controller saying, “The Tow-Pro Elite performed superbly. On the highway, braking felt the same as without a trailer. While off-road we had a few hard stops to avoid ploughing through unseen bumps and with the loose surface and the weight pushing, the trailer was still barely noticeable – impressive.”


Inspiring adventure


Adventure Curated is a company who want to inspire other people to get out and explore not only Australia but the world. They care for and depend on the environment while maintaining a strong focus on reducing their environmental impact in as many ways as possible. They provide a wealth of information from how-to’s, product reviews, travel tips and have an incredible catalogue of photos and videos featuring some of the best travel shots and natural landscapes around. Stay up to date with their adventures on their Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.


You can read the review in full here!

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